50% of Chinese Citizens Don’t Watch TV

According to the recent survey about TV and online video in China by ZDC, analyzing 904 effective questionnaires from ZOL. Almost half of the respondents says they didn't watch TV any more. Besides that there are many other interesting findings among the respondents, such as: Main reason for watching TV was large screen; Main reason for not watching TV was too much ads; Main reason for watching online videos was having control for when to watch; Main reason for not watching online videos was bad internet connect and watching experience.

With the fast growing of internet environment in China, people are, bit by bit, much more relaying on internet than ever before. Just like many traditional industries are facing the challenge of online business, TV have to face online video as well.

Online video do have many aspects that surpass TV. First of all, not like TV, people have initiative when watching online video. They can watch whatever they want, and the huge online video database can provide users way more choice than TV. Even sometimes for the same program on these two platforms, online video can give more freewill controlling to the audience, for they can pause, jump over or rewind. Secondly, online videos have much shout ads between the programs. the longest ads online between programs are 2 minutes, while the ads on TV sometimes can last over 15. Thirdly, TV are restrict by its hardware base, in other words, you have to have a cable and television to watch TV. Online video is different, You can watch it from a desktop, or a laptop, or even a Smartphone, as long as the device has access to internet.